|Engraving, Labels & Nameplates

Engraving, labels & nameplates

Engraving is a big part of our business and we engrave for a number of very large organisations in the UK – including body plates for a coach and bus manufacturer. Display your corporate image or brand with a stylish engraved nameplate, plaque or sign.

Ideal for office signs, doorplates, desk plates, entrance signs, memorial plaques, commemorative plaques and nameplates.

    • Engraved signs
    • Brass
    • Stainless Steel
    • Wood
    • Aluminium
    • Traffolyte, sometimes spelled Traffolite
    • Braille and tactile signs


Anoprinting is the digital printing of colour images onto anodised aluminium sheet before it is sealed so the image is permanently locked under the surface. The main advantage of anoprinting is durability making these signs ideal for public areas such as schools, hospitals and courts and locations where printed or vinyl signs could quickly become damaged.

As there is nothing on the surface of an anoprinted sign, there is nothing that can be picked at or scraped off making it ideal for places needing a wipe clean, hygienic surface.

Anoprinting for aluminium signage for public areas such as schools, courts, hospitals and health centres that cannot be defaced by peeling or scraping off the image.

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