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Lettering for shop signs

Built up or 3D letters really make your shop sign or business sign stand out. Letters can be manufactured in a variety of materials and face finishes. The depth of the letters can be specified for custom made effects and we can design and create exciting, unique looking signage for your shop front.

Flat faced letters are a cost effective way of giving a corporate or retail sign instant colour and visual appeal. Flat faced letters can be used to complement any built up letters to give a secondary focal point.

We can offer built up letters in a variety of materials:

  • Stainless steel letters
  • Titanium gold, bronze & black
  • Brass lettering
  • Copper lettering

Built up letters are available in a range of styles:

  • Flat faced letters
  • Rim & return
  • Rimless
  • Prismatic / bevel

Projecting Signs

A projecting sign projects away from the wall at a 90-degree angle allowing customers to see your business as they approach from either direction.

This type of sign system is made from a steel internal frame and cladded by two aluminium trays giving a strong, modern, weatherproof sign which is mainly used on high street shops to maximise the visual appearance and presence of the shop.

Most projecting tray systems used on shops are illuminated by trough lights or florescent tubes. The other popular option is to stencil cut or fret cut the trays and illuminate the sign from the inside.

Lightboxes & Flexfaces

Grab the attention of your potential customers, not just during daylight hours but also when it’s dark. A lightbox is a cost effective way to give your business a fresh new look 24 hours a day. Even a simple spotlight can make a difference but we can create a wide range of illuminated signs to reflect the style of your business.

Lightboxes generally consist of an aluminium back tray section containing a fluorescent or LED illumination and associated control gear, and a surface that displays the image. The face panels can be produced in traditional translucent acrylic or the more efficient flex face system which allows for just about any area to be displayed using one piece of material. This eliminates the panel join problems sometimes associated with acrylic.

From eye-catching individual back-lit lettering to fully printed lightboxes, we can advise you on the most appropriate way to illuminate your shop or business sign. We can also use LED technology, giving you environmentally-friendly lighting solutions as well as lower energy bills.

Signtrays & Fascias

Your signage is one of the first things your customer sees. Your shop sign or business sign should convey a clear and well considered corporate image. Our sign design service can help you achieve a signage solution which fully reflects your corporate identity.

Exterior signs can be manufactured in a range of materials to match your budget; signtrays – also known as back panels or biscuit tin lids – are particularly suited to retail premises because they are quick and easy to install – particularly convenient if you have multiple outlets.

A bespoke sign tray consists of a folded metallic pan with applied letters, cut through detail or cut through fascias, with inlaid flat cut or built up letters or graphics. Sign trays can be internally lit with a transparent letter face, a back-lit halo illumination or by trough lighting.

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