|Interior Signage and Wayfinding & Exterior Signage

Directional Signs

Your signage will often be the first thing a visitor sees when visiting an organisation or estate. Your interior signage  should give visitors the essential information needed to navigate around buildings.

We can design and manufacture architectural signage and wayfinding that enhance interior and exterior spaces using a wide range of dynamic materials, finishes, styles and graphics for use throughout buildings and across estates; from door signs, floor signs and display panels to finger posts, totems and free standing monoliths. Our signs blend seamlessly with their environment, inside and out, whilst functioning as an essential navigation solution.

Digital Screens

Digital signage systems can be stand alone screens which are ideal for reception and entrance lobby areas or they can be part of a fully networked digital signage system with linked information screens throughout a site. Each digital sign can be fully tailored to your organisation – vinyl graphics can be applied to the front cover to enhance your company image. Content can be easily uploaded via the Internet using a computer. Digital screens are available as landscape or portrait and can be wall mounted or free-standing for use indoors or outdoors.

Health & Safety Signs

We can print any Health & Safety sign or bespoke sign on any material you require. From warning signs, safety procedure signs and no smoking signs to fire exit signs, mandatory signs and hazard signs.

Plaques & Plates

We can manufacture plaques, plates, and labels to suit any requirement. We  can engrave on any metal or plastic from aluminium, brass and stainless-steel to plastic and roll form products.


Anoprinting is the digital printing of colour images onto anodised aluminium sheet before it is sealed so the image is permanently locked under the surface. The main advantage of anoprinting is durability making these signs ideal for public areas such as schools, hospitals and courts and locations where printed or vinyl signs could quickly become damaged.

As there is nothing on the surface of an anoprinted sign, there is nothing that can be picked at or scraped off making it ideal for places needing a wipe clean, hygienic surface.

Anoprinting for aluminium signage for public areas such as schools, courts, hospitals and health centres that cannot be defaced by peeling or scraping off the image.